Pre -Park Approval


creditapplyBuying a Manufactured Home Because buying a modular or manufactured home could be the largest and most important financial decision you will make in your life, MOBILHOME MINNESOTA has designed this web site to help gain the knowledge needed to make an informed decision. We are confident that in your pursuit of becoming a well-informed consumer you will find that Mobilhome Minnesota will provide you with a new home whose quality, construction and service is above all the competition.

Your First Steps:

The initial consideration in deciding what price of home to consider is determining where to live. To accomplish this there are several known formulas that the parks use to determine financial ability for park approval for you and your family.

There are two points to determine your park approval, they are:

* First, a specified percentage of your gross income is used depending on your total obligations.

* Second, is how you have completed your existing and prior obligations, your past rental history.

This process takes only a few minutes, then we can help you determine what price of home fits you. Our sales personnel are trained and experienced in assisting you to determine your pre-park approval. Click the link print out the form and fax it to us at 952-445-0052.